Dinkerdoo’s Cat Treats

Dinkerdoo's Cat Treats
Dinkerdoo's Cat TreatsDinkerdoo's Cat Treats

Dinkerdoo’s Cat Treats


Dinkerdoo’s will bring your cat running with just a shake of the container! Try these awesome cat treats, even the pickiest cat will find them “purrfectly yummy”!

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Product Description

Ingredients- USDA fresh dehydrated chicken hearts, 100% all natural grain-free

Your cat will go bonkers over Dinkerdoo’s! These are 100% chicken hearts. Cats require taurine in their diet for optimum health and chicken hearts are a great source of this essential amino acid. They are partially ground combined with small pieces to be easily sprinkled on wet or dry food. The lid can also be opened and smaller pieces can be fed as a treat. Shake,shake, shake here comes the herd!

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Weight 2 oz


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