Let Them Eat Cake And Throw a Dog Party!

cosmo-and-cleo-cakeSo you are thinking about throwing a “Dog Party” to celebrate your furry besties birthday! No you aren’t crazy, it’s a growing fad amongst us dog lovers that think cake is a food group!

Your “dog birthday party” may be as simple as you and Fido hanging on the couch watching Lady and The Tramp and sharing a bowl of ice cream. Or as lavish a party for the entire block of wagging tails. Whatever your choice, it’s all about your dog having a romping good time with his friends and eating CAKE!

Dogs are dogs, so keep it simple, here are few suggestions-

Invite ONLY dogs you know that are dog friendly and aren’t aggressive.

Have a big fenced yard (or go to the dog park) for room to run because there will be a lot of running jumping and playing.

Provide plenty of fresh water if it’s at your house (most dog parks provide water).

Visit your local dog bakery and have them bake a “dog friendly” cake for the “King Of The Day” and his furry court to enjoy. Here at Smilin’ Dog Bakery we make “grain-free” cakes made with either liver or peanut butter which both are a huge hit!

Take lots of pictures/videos because you won’t want to forget the antics that will most likely take place.

Send your furry guests home with a little “doggie bag” of yummy healthy treats to enjoy later!

If you are traveling to a location instead staying at your house, bring a blanket for the back seat, because inevitably someone is going to be pretty filthy from all of that play. Even better, find a dog park that has a wash station and bathe your pup before heading home.

Be prepared to spend the evening watching your dog sleep, dreaming of the best day EVER! Thanks Mom!

Hug your dog.


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