Keep An Eye On The Floor This Holiday Season!

boston3Tis the season with Thanksgiving this week and Christmas just a month away (wow that came fast) and most likely you will be spending time with family and friends. We look forward to the bounty coming our way.

With that said, many of us will also have our furry friends scouring the floors (or counter tops, you know who you are) for any tasty scraps of wonderment. A few helpful tips for this holiday season, especially if you have little ones running about with sticky handfuls of goodies.

There are certain foods that can be harmful (or even cause death) if your pet was to eat these things.

Bread Dough– the yeast in this can cause the abdomen to expand and cause pain.

Dairy Products– many dogs have a bad reaction to dairy and can cause diarrhea, stomach upsets or some dogs can get itchy skin allergies.

Garlic/Onions– some people add garlic to foods/treats and I have seen pros and cons but too much of anything can cause issues. Keep this in mind when you are cutting those onions for your stuffing. The allium family also includes leeks and chives.

Grapes and Raisins– watch your little kids as these are a common healthy treat for children and they tend to find it entertaining to feed the pup if it’s begging. These two foods have been found to cause kidney failure or death in some dogs.

Macadamia Nuts– this nut is toxic, not all nuts are bad for Lucky but these are and can cause trembling, weakness and vomiting.

Salt– In large quantities salt can cause excessive thirst, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures and could lead to kidney damage. A single potato chip on the floor won’t hurt your dog but a whole bag is definitely not good!

Xylitol– this is an artificial sweetener found in some “health store” peanut butters and in some gum, candy and toothpaste. It’s always best to read the label.

Enjoy the feast this week and hug your dog.


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