A lifetime decision to spay or neuter.

Boomer Gets Neutered

Tomorrow is a big day for Boomer, his manhood will be stripped away and hopefully stop some unwanted male doggie behavior once he is neutered.  In Boomer’s defense, he had minimal training when it came to “proper behavior” so he assumed our house indoors and outdoors were his to mark. All of our pets are fixed, it’s not an option for numerous reasons, but the top two for us are overpopulation of shelters (euthanasia) and future health issues.

My past as a shelter volunteer and foster parent over the years I became passionate regarding spaying and neutering. With the thousands of homeless animals lumbering away in shelters across the US, it just makes sense to be a responsible pet owner and spay or neuter your pet. There’s seems to be a lack of education when it comes the subject. I hear too often “we are going to breed her so we can sell the puppies”. I have bit my tongue on many occasions when the subject comes up. You honestly need to look at the increased possibilities of future health issues that can arise by not doing it. Females can live longer, avoid uterine infections and breast tumors. Most certainly your male will become less likely to roam and prevents testicular cancer.


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